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Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extension artistry emerged in about 2002 where single strand, mainly synthetic lashes were applied to the natural lash using medical grade adhesive. They are used to add length and thickness enhancing the beauty of the eyes. They are lightweight and come in different curls, diameters, colors, and lengths. The key to a professional application is the custom fit that makes the lashes durable and comfortable. Lash extensions frame your eyes and make them appear bigger, bolder and more youthful. When you look good, you feel good and your confidence will soar!

Eyelash extensions are easy to maintain. Your first full set will take about two hours depending on the amount of natural eyelashes. After this, all you have to do to maintain your beautiful lash look is touch up your lashes every two to three weeks which is called a “Lash fill”.
Eyelash extensions are beautiful and a safe alternative to makeup when done properly. You will save time and stress on the delicate eye area by not applying and removing makeup. Don’t trust your eyes to just anyone, Glam Lash Extensions & Academy is not only a premiere Eyelash Extension Studio, but also an advanced Training facility!

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